Centre Vision Statement:

We see a centre that impacts and changes this generation through:

Affirming, Caring and Supportive Relationships

A Stimulating and safe environment

Demonstrating the Unconditional Love of Jesus Exploring and discovering the wonders of God’s world

Promoting Acceptance

Commitment to biculturalism

Centre Philosophy Statement:

We intend to uphold the Values of LIFE church and demonstrate our Mission and Vision by:
  • Providing an affirming, caring and supportive atmosphere for children, whanau and staff.
  • Demonstrate the unconditional love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Showing commitment to biculturalism and the principles of the treaty of Waitangi
  • Promoting acceptance and equity of all.
  • Providing a stimulating and safe learning environment for all children, whanau and staff.
  • Creating opportunities for children to explore and discover the wonders of God’s world.